Ninna nanna per una mamma

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Irene Pittatore
Ninna nanna per una mamma (studio per Giardino segreto), 2018
Photo series and video HD 7′.40″

Lullaby for a Mother (Study for a Secret Garden) is a video-photographic project Irene Pittatore developed for the staff, patients and guests of the Sant’Anna Hospital in Turin.
The video and the photographs record the response of the flowers to the wind, the possible forms of floating, the trajectories traced by the flowers on water, the response of the insects to the water garden and the progressive opacification of the water, towards a milky dimension.

The idea originates from a photographic project realised with the patients of the 3D Socio-Rehabilitation Centre for Alcohology, Addiction Department of the ASL City of Turin, during the workshop Self-awareness through Photography, led by Irene Pittatore (Impasse) and the Professional Educator Erika Stefanelli (Progetto Habitat).

The video was shot in the Turin hills, with the help of three mothers and the flowers in their gardens.

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