L’amavo troppo e le ho sparato will be published by Capovolte, an independent publishing house, committed to combating gender-based violence with a wide national and international network. It publishes texts dedicated to women and feminisms. Founded with two series, ‘Rebel – flowers that break the asphalt’, with a socio-political slant, and ‘Dynamics’, dedicated to a feminist narrative of sport, in 2020 it inaugurated ‘Intersections’, a series on international feminist thought, with a particular focus on Black and decolonial feminism. In 2022, it opened up to fiction and poetry with the series La Po Ra (Latitudes, Poetry, Storytelling). 

Scientific and operational supervision is guaranteed by the collaboration of:

Apid Imprenditorialità Donna was founded in 1989 at the instigation of the female entrepreneurs who are members of Api Torino. The association’s objective is to contribute to the development of female entrepreneurship through the professional strengthening and networking of female entrepreneurs. Its services are related to representing the needs of SMEs in the area, lobbying and networking, developing and supporting women’s businesses, and participating in EU calls for tenders and business competitions. Since 2016, Apid has been supporting social impact projects and collaborating with the SAFE network and other stakeholders to spread a culture of respect and non-violence within companies. 

ENGAGEDin is a strategic consultancy and training company focused on development of non-profits and civil sector organizations both in Italy and internationally: fundraising and philanthropic strategies, organizational analysis and Board development are the lines that characterize its action. Through fully customized consultancy and training services, Simona Biancu and Alberto Cuttica carry out fundraising and philanthropic initiatives and campaigns, support Boards of Directors on strategic development, structure fundraising offices and train the staff involved in development. Both founders strongly believe in personal commitment to change and are actively involved in various causes they advocate and volunteer for. ENGAGEDin was launched in 2012 to fulfill the desire of the two founders to put the experience gained in the field of philanthropic development at the service of Italian and international Civil Sector organizations.

Fermata d’Autobus onlus since 1998 has been offering reception and care to those with psychological and psychic distress accompanied by forms of pathological dependency. In particular, the association established a therapeutic community, Fragole Celesti, that deals with the dual diagnosis of women victims of abuse, mistreatment and violence.  

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo and its Education Department participate in L’amavo troppo e le ho sparato, providing venues and expertise for the organisation of workshops, presentations and exhibitions of the various stages of the project. For over 25 years, the Foundation has been committed to contemporary art and culture. In the workshops designed by the Department, different visiting audiences share a space for inspiration and creativity.

Forme in bilico APS, a cultural association of social promotion founded in 2017 based in Turin to promote a circulation of ideas between the worlds of education, art, school and therapy – formed by the association of professionals from different fields and different countries, as a development and consolidation of multi-year collaborations.

L’amavo troppo e le ho sparato got the patronage of the Politecnico di Torino, the first Italian Engineering School, founded in the wave of the technical and scientific innovation that gave rise to the most prestigious European polytechnic schools in the mid-19th century. Founded as a School for Engineers in 1859, it then became Regio Politecnico di Torino in 1906. Engineers, architects, designers and urban planners have been trained at Politecnico di Torino for over 160 years with rigor, integrity and high-level standards.

The graphic design of L’amavo troppo e le ho sparato is developed by Studio Grand Hotel, a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Turin, directed by Paolo Berra and Christel Martinod. SGH collaborates mainly with organisations and associations in the world of art and culture.