Supposta Norma


Irene Pittatore
A limited and numbered edition sculpture-jewel in resin.
The edition consists of:
/ 50 pieces in resin painted green
/ 50 pieces in resin painted with aluminium pigments, which tend to darken with use.
Cardboard and polystyrene packaging.
70 € + shipping costs
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Supposta Norma is a limited and numbered edition sculpture-jewel dedicated to erotic imagery and its conformity to assumed criteria of normality. The resin reproduction of a suppository on a scale of 1:1 bears the mathematical formula of the norm (or normed space: X, II . II). Supposta Norma is a warning charged with watching over what eludes adherence to any asphyxiated normativity and questions the boundaries between norm and deviance.

Presented in Turin on the occasion of the exhibition Eros Absconditus in collaboration with Playboy Italia (Galleria Opere Scelte, 15 January – 6 February 2016), Supposta Norma was also displayed at the MEF – Museo Ettore Fico concept store.