Vasca a remi

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For the first time after the lockdown, Irene Pittatore and her bathing vessels will meet the Festival Orizzonti Verticali’s audience, live, on the occasion of the performance Vasca a remi (rowing tub).

“A minimal action, an exercise in the erosion of distance, of the atrophy of the muscles of sociality. A walking around a question: what to do with this pain? An attempt to collect the precipitate of 17 months away from work, from three-dimensional relationships”.

With Vasca a remi, Irene Pittatore travels through Italy and France “in search of unattended legacies, of kitchen epiphanies. I collect tears, I bottle water from ports, remnants of rain. I put into test-tubes tears of nostalgia, of crocodiles, of onions. I also put the cap on empty test-tubes, on everything that cannot yet melt or drip away”.

50 test-tubes are waiting to be sent to those who wish to participate in the collection.
In the garden of Galleria Continua, on 21st August, the artist will try to transform the legacies into a colour.

Covid-19 isolation journal
Video installation and performance Vasca a remi
21st August 2021, 8 pm
Galleria Continua’s garden, San Gimignano (SI)
Festival Orizzonti Verticali

by and with Irene Pittatore
presented by Galleria Raffaella De Chirico Arte Contemporanea
curated by Lisa Parola
with the support of Giardino Chiuso/Orizzonti Verticali, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa

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